Who We Are

Trust. Humility. Balance. We live by these words. And it makes a difference.

Our Passion, Action and Vision Drives All We Do.

It sounds lofty – to some.

But to us, we are truly passionate about connecting highly-talented professionals with rewarding careers.  We believe in a team-based approach to work that supports and serves one another in ways that lead to personal development and corporate growth.  


We accomplish this goal on a daily basis, throughout the country, using a very practical strategy built on three steps:


Understand: If we don’t really know your needs, we’ll never find the right fit.  So, our professionals place a high value on building a relationship with you or your organization, taking the time to get to know the intricacies, nuances and desires of what you’re looking for. 


Identify: Across 67 years of experience, we have built a network of highly-talented individuals and fantastic organizations just waiting to be matched.  And we’re not stopping.  We will work to find exactly the right fit for you that not only solves your present challenge but also sets you up for future success.


Deliver:  Trust, integrity, loyalty, quality and solutions.  Heard these terms one too many times in the staffing world?  Likely.  But, to us, these words mean everything.  We are committed to – yes, in fact, passionate about – creating a strategy that brings the right talent in the door today and for years to come.


Our Strategies and Solutions are Flexible.

One size does not fit all.  That’s why we work with you to design a strategy that fits your lifestyle or your organization, coupled with a responsive relationship that ensures we get the job done right.

Project-based solutions: Conexess manages project resources and budget, and ensures the success of the engagement.

Team augmentation services: We will staff your project team with quality professionals and share ownership for the success of the project.

Staff augmentation services: Conexess provides key resources to supplement client staff.